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More people continue to discover the many benefits that they can enjoy from having a website which will give them an online presence. The use of websites has even made it possible for these businesses to gain a competitive edge. In the process of getting a website, it is almost impossible not to come across terms like web design and development. The fact the fact that these two terms are used in similar contexts should not lead people to think that they mean the same thing. The process of creating a websites by coding , testing and launching a website is what is referred to as website development and the addition of aesthetics and other functions to make the website usable with end-user is covered by a web designers.

The most common way of getting website is usually to engage web developers and designers to come up with one. A person who wants to get a website by utilizing this approach may need to give these experts for them to come up with one. The advantage is that one can ends up with a unique website tailor-made to suit the client’s needs. The downside however is that the client may not have a clue of how the website will look like as a final product and so may get disappointed with the results offered to him. This approach also brings a lot substantial financial investment as compared to the other method.

The second method of getting a website is faster since it is already in the form of a template. This kind of websites have their template ready only awaiting customization when the customer forwards their needs. This kind of websites were inspired by the need to save on the time the customer has to wait for the website to be made. This approach allows the client to know how their website may look like in the end thus allowing them to have more realistic expectations of the end product unlike in the first approach. This is because the website developers make us of the same source code when developing this websites and they will all have the similar features even though the content will be unique to each individual website.

The third way in which one can get a website is by getting one for free. The fact that the website come for free is because it is incomplete and the customer has to do the customization themselves. The downside of this approach is that most customers may find the customization to be too technical for them which lead them to use a lot of time in it. These free websites are very basic and the client requires to pay to get extra services like their own domain.

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